Keep your basket active this Autumn!

04 November 2014

Solamante Baskets Autumn Ideas

Autumn is well and truly here. After a marvelous summer, during which we've been able to enjoy relaxing days at the beach with our Solamante baskets, we've all been back at work and into our rutines for a fair while now. The temperatures are dropping and the days are shortening.


Solamante in la Casa Patacona

18 July 2014

Solamante Star straw bag in Casa Patacona

Whether you are lucky enough to be on holiday or even if you're not, we propose that you take advantage of the long, warm summer evenings to enjoy the fresh air and relax beside the sea at La Patacona. It's one of the Solamante team's favourite places in Valencia.


How we make our Solamante logos

27 May 2014

Solamante logo recently minted

Our Solamante bags and baskets are all 100% original designs, their simplicity and elegance brings out your smile; helping to make the world feel like a lighter, simpler, more energised and happier place. This means that it's usually easy to identify that a bag is a Solamante bag but to be sure you only have to see if the bag carries our golden sun - the logo that identifies and decorates all of our products.


Spring in Edinburgh

13 May 2014

Solamante canal Lochrin Basin hacia el castillo

Edinburgh is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful cites in Europe. The Springtime brings with it a special light which is all the more evident when the days start to lengthen through the evening and into the night.


Solamante Pop Up Shop - Our first experience

10 April 2014

Solamante Pop Up Shop Display

This new post is about our first experience in our own Pop Up Shop. Pop Up retail outlets, or whatever the correct name for them is, are an increasingly common type of shop. A lot of people visited us in person and many of you will have already seen the pictures that we were publishing on our Facebook page during the weeks that we were there. Which is why our intention in this post is to present some things that haven't been seen already, rather than just show you our nice new straw bags collection!


Sorolla and the Mediterranean

23 February 2014

solamante at valencian beach

There were no special intentions when we took this photo, other than a nice day at one of our Valencian beaches, but when we shared this photo on our Solamante facebook page, lots of people compared the landscape and composition of our photo with some of the famous beach paintings by Sorolla.


Solamante Spring / Summer Collection 2014

20 February 2014

Solamante Spring/Summer Collection 2014

We are very excited about our new straw bag collection (like a child with new shoes)! We will share photos of our new models as soon as we have them.

Initially this new collection will only be available in the Spanish pop-up shop, here in Valencia, where we are going to be for 2 weeks, starting on the 26th of February. See below for all the details - which will be a good test of your Spanish !


Take me to the ocean. Solamante straw bags in winter

15 January 2014


Solamante knows all about nice weather, warm spring days and hot Spanish summers. Born in the Mediterranean, our straw bags love the beach and the heat, but they are also happy to give a festive touch to your look when you are in the city.


The Three Kings are here!

06 January 2014

the three kings

The Three kings have just arrived to Spain!. The 6th of January is a magic day here. Known as 'El Dia de Reyes' (Three Kings Day), this holiday represents the height of the Christmas season. The date marks the culmination of the twelve days of Christmas and commemorates the three wise men who traveled from afar, bearing gifts for the infant baby Jesus.


Basket, the current obsession

13 December 2013

straw baskets lights

It seems that it's not just me who is obsessed with straw bags and baskets (or "capazos" as we call them in Spain). Last Saturday I went for a walk in the centre of old Valencia, around the Mercado Central (Valencian Central Market), where there are many small and beautiful traditional shops existing in harmony with modern design spaces.


MORE THAN BASKETS, by Carlos Fontales

26 November 2013

More than just a baskets book

That’s the title of the exhibition that opened last month in the Netherlands’ Vlechtmuseum, where it will remain until the 30th March 2014. It is a sample of the research on Spanish basketry that Carlos Fontales has been doing over the last twenty-something years. The exhibition will consist of baskets and other vegetable fiber objects made all over Spain (mainly traditional ones though there will be others of new design too). Also it will be shown videos and pictures of some of the basketmakers whom he had met and researched during these years.


Happy Friday!

08 November 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Solamante followers!

Everybody likes fridays, I suppose it's because we like to dream about the wonderful things we are going to do once we've finished our work.


Solamante straw bags and a Valencian version of Halloween

31 October 2013

Solamante smarties and oranges as pumpkins

If you are "folloween" me in Pinterest then you will know that I've been repinning some soft ideas for halloween. Since we live in Valencia (Spain) oranges are never hard to come by! Using oranges as pumpkins is a great idea (and much easier to do with my girls).


LA MAS BONITA, Beach & Food, by Solamante

25 October 2013

blue door and straw bag with laces

Solamante loves to show you new places with a sense of soul. "La Más Bonita, Beach and Food", is certainly one of them. It´s a wonderful coffee shop and bistro that's found on the seafront promenade just outside of Valencia at Patacona, Alboraya. I was lucky enough to happen upon La Mas Bonita, one day when I was at the beach taking some photos of one of Solamante's straw bags for our web site. Situated in one of the few traditional houses that still remain, the building has been restored following a simple and relaxing Mediterranean style. The colours of the bistro are sky blue and white.


Places to visit in the Highlands. Part 2. Tongue Hotel

15 October 2013

Solamante Tongue landscape

Since we wrote our last blog post about the Highlands, places with a soul, one of the items on my todo list has been to write about the hotel where we stayed when we visited the northwest of Scotland called "The Tongue Hotel".

An unexpected event has made me stop putting it off and write about it without delay!


Places to visit in the Highlands. Scotland.

19 September 2013

Highland views from Solamante

During the month of August the Solamante team travelled to Scotland. There, we spent some time promoting our current line up of products, as well as planning and thinking about new products and developments for next season. We also had time for a bit of rest and recuperation, having good times with the family and enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility of the places we visited.


Solamante straw bag in the park

19 August 2013

Solamante straw bags in the park

If you are thinking about an occasion for using your Solamante wicker bag, here is a good example of how I use it daily. Solamante is a strong straw bag, and if it gets dirty you just need to wipe with a wet cloth. We discovered the other day that it was good enough to carry the arrows but not big enough for the bow!!!


Vogue beach bag Inspiration

14 August 2013

old vogue photo,straw beach bag

This is a photo that I found when out and about on the web. In the Fifties they really knew what style was. We love the woven basket that she has beside her. Hmm...Which brings to mind the possibility of a Solamante retro edition for next summer...what do you think?


Blue Inspiration

02 August 2013

Solamante making making a earring in blue

Valencia (Spain), the 28th of July, temperature 37 degrees. In these interminable days of summer, it’s not just the sun that is omnipresent; the blue of the sea and of the crystal clear sky inundates everything. The sun is shining, torn between staying inside in the shade or going outside for a swim it’s only a matter of time until I opt for the latter. However, first I’m drawn to the shelves which store the glass beads that we use for our bags and their iridescent blue colors, taking some pliers and some glass beads, sea blue of course, my lovely Krobo beads I put some music on and begin to work...


Solamante in the Valencian Central Market, Spain

22 July 2013

Valencian Central Market exterior

The Valencian Central Market is located in Valencia's city centre and is one of the largest fresh food markets in Europe. This spectacular modernist building was designed in 1914, and although it was not inaugurated until 1928, a market has been held on this spot virtually every day since the XIII century. It's architecture is perfectly in tune with the aesthetics of the rest of the square which also includes two other historically important buildings: La Lonja de la Seda (the silk exchange) and the Iglesia de Los Santos Juanes (which is a church).


Bobbin Lace Group in La Plaza Redonda (Valencia)

16 July 2013

Solamante bobbin lace work, bolillo

Some of our Solamante woven straw bag designs have been decorated with bobbin lace, "Bolillo" as it is called in Spain. We like to think (and we hope that you do too !) that this traditional produced material both complements and enhances the natural beauty of the baskets.


About our glass Krobo Beads

10 July 2013

glass beads and logo

We want to share with you our love for the Krobo beads. They are originally from Ghana. The name comes from the Krobo mountains which is the principal area where the beads are produced.

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