About our glass Krobo Beads

We want to share with you our love for the Krobo beads. They are originally from Ghana. The name comes from the Krobo mountains which is the principal area where the beads are produced.

photo glass beads and logo

The raw material for the beads is recycled glass, this is primarily bottles but other glass items are also used. The process begins with a cleaning and grouping by colour phase. These groups are either broken into small fragments for making translucent beads, or ground (with a metal pestle and mortar) and then sieved to produce the fine powder required to make powder glass beads. This powder is often mixed with ceramic dyes in order to produce more variety in the beads distinctive colouring.

photo glass beads
Different types of glass beads
photo glass beads, solamante
Solamante combination of Glass beads and seeds
The Solamante Azure Logo and our Krobo Beads
Solamante Logo
Solamante Krobo Beads
Animal print beads!

Clay moulds are used to produce the beads and they are lined with kaolin which prevents the fused glass from sticking to the surface. Once the moulds are filled with the coloured glass powder, cassava stalks are inserted into the middle of each mould. These stalks are then vapourised during the fusion process leaving behind the holes that are used for threading the beads.

We fell in love of the Krobo beads, and that's why we are using them in combination with our handicraft metal logo "Solamante", at the moment, you can buy it in our shop in Etsy. solamante pendant with krobo beads