Blue Inspiration

02 August 2013

Valencia (Spain), the 28th of July, temperature 37 degrees. In these interminable days of summer, it’s not just the sun that is omnipresent; the blue of the sea and of the crystal clear sky inundates everything. The sun is shining, torn between staying inside in the shade or going outside for a swim it’s only a matter of time until I opt for the latter. However, first I’m drawn to the shelves which store the glass beads that we use for our bags and their iridescent blue colors, taking some pliers and some glass beads, sea blue of course, my lovely Krobo beads I put some music on and begin to work...

solamante woven palm bag in blue
solamante glass beads
solamante making a earring in blue
solamante making the earring, by solamante
solamante making some earring in blue
solamante dark blue earring

I love these other combinations too.

glass blue beads earring

Blue tones also accentuate the beauty of our Himalaya woven straw bag. I used this same combinations of beads for the last pair of earrings that I made this morning.

solamante animal print earring
solamante glass beads earring
The same colours as our Himalaya straw basket

Now is time to take my Azure beach basket and go for a swim.

solamante french market basket azure
Solamante AZURE french market basket