Places to visit in the Highlands. Part 2. Tongue Hotel

Window Tongue Hotel, Solamante
Tongue Hotel views and thistle

Since we wrote our last blog post about the Highlands, places with a soul, one of the items on my todo list has been to write about the hotel where we stayed when we visited the northwest of Scotland called "The Tongue Hotel".

An unexpected event has made me stop putting it off and write about it without delay!

We found the hotel on our previous visit to the Highlands five years ago, in 2008. We drove through the narrow roads and our 11 month old baby girl did not look happy despite our efforts. We decided that it was time to stop and rest when we happened to pass the Tongue Hotel. Our intention was to relax for an hour or so before returning to Golspie where we were staying.

The beauty of the hotel and its warm atmosphere made us change our plans. Why not spend the night at the Hotel and go for nice walk the next day? So that is what we did, and the memories of that day and the photos that we took stayed with us during the following years (The Kyle of Tongue is still the wallpaper on my computer).

In the summer of 2013, five years later and with two daughters instead of one, we decided to repeat the experience. Once again it was fantastic, as they say in their motto "It is worth the journey".

As you can see in the photos, there is not enough space in the hotel window to show all the awards they have won. You can also see that they are really popular too with the NO VACANCIES! sign (luckily this time we made sure we had a reservation!).

Scotish Hotel Awards, Solamante
Tongue Hotel awards window
Solamante, Tongue Hotel no vacancies

The atmosphere of hotel is really nice and friendly. Family rooms are big and sunny, with lovely views. I´m sorry to say that we didn't have dinner at the restaurant this time, as we thought it would not be a good idea with the girls, however I can tell you that breakfast was just excellent, with lots of local products. Simply delicious, especially the baked apple with cinnamon... yummy! You can find more information about their lovely food in here.

Higlands,Tongue Hotel

Not long after breakfast, almost all the guests had left the hotel to explore the amazing surroundings, for example the mysterious Castle Varrich (Caistreal Bharraich), there are many other options that the hotel staff can tell you about. It seemed to us that there were no other families with young children, at least during our stay. But we seriously recommend the Tongue Hotel and the Sutherland area for family trips.

Tongue, castle varrich
Castle Varrich
Stunning views of Tongue from the Castle
Castle Varrich
Mysterius Castle Varrich

We had a great time during our daily walks, toying with our imaginations by making up stories and games with branches and other random things that we encountered in our path. However it seems that we weren't the only ones have a lovely time, which leads me to the unexpected event which precipitates this post.

When we arrived home we found a message to say there was a parcel waiting for us at the Post Office. We had no idea who it was from or what it could be as we were not expecting any parcels. When we brought the parcel home what did we find?

Read the attached letter and find out! Letter from Tongue.

Nice letter from the Tongue Hotel

And here they are, having fun in the Tongue Hotel.

Puppy and rabbit gardening

And that's the end of our post today. It was not about Solamante straw bags, but it was about places with a soul and happiness. Thanks again to Lorraine, Nicole and Alison and the Tongue Hotel.

Paloma, from Solamante Style with a soul.

solamante woven basket artisan logo

Solamante artisan logo on the Baby Boho straw tote bag.