LA MAS BONITA, Beach & Food, by Solamante

"The Most Beautiful, Beach and Food", Valencia, Spain.

solamante himalaya beach bag
tortilla de patata
la mas bonita granola

Solamante loves to show you new places with a sense of soul. "La Más Bonita, Beach and Food", is certainly one of them. It´s a wonderful coffee shop and bistro that's found on the seafront promenade just outside of Valencia at Patacona, Alboraya. I was lucky enough to happen upon La Mas Bonita, one day when I was at the beach taking some photos of one of Solamante's straw bags for our web site. Situated in one of the few traditional houses that still remain, the building has been restored following a simple and relaxing Mediterranean style. The colours of the bistro are sky blue and white.

solamante protective bag
Solamante protective bag, in La Más Bonita

They have exposed the wooden beams and mounted seaside paraphernalia on the walls including an old style chic bicycle which reminds you to do some exercise to work off the delicious cake you just ate!

bike decoration, solamante photo
If you have one of their cakes, you will need to go back riding

They also have a terrace which overlooks the beach and sea, then on the other side of the building is a backyard or patio which is nice and cool during the afternoon and very popular despite lacking the view that the terrace has. My optimum spot is in the inside though, as I like to marvel at the details of the interior and still see the view of the sea and sky from the two large front windows. I don't know if it was intentional but even with your back to the front windows there is another exception view, that of the cakes, tarts, pastries and other goodies offered by the protective glass counter, Spectacular!

beach views coffee shop

It's been open for just over a year, is already very popular and it's fame is growing and growing. This summer it has been a phenomenon, I´m sure that seeing these photos you are going to dream about going too, and I haven't even spoken about the food they offer!

Breakfast: Conceived with the intention of providing Valencia with an eatery that specialises in good breakfasts and "brunches", something notably lacking in Valencia, where lunch is the main meal of the day.

Almost half of the menu is devoted brunches and breakfasts. Whether sweet or savory : granola , fruit, yogurt, toast, homemade jams, shakes, smoothies, or direct to the pastries. All kinds of coffees, teas, and so on ... everything you could think of.

Lunch and dinner: The options for these meals are simple and light, a variety of salads and sandwiches with some basic Spanish cuisine such as "tortilla de patata","croquetas", "jamón serrano" and various

Desserts and cakes: Without a doubt the signature dishes of this place, home made, spectacular and wonderfull y decorated in keeping/matching with the bistro's colours. The implicit motto seems to be ... have a light lunch and leave room for a dessert! In the Menu they have just a few: Blue Velvet, chocolate gateau, carrot cake..., but there are always more in the glass counter that would blow your diet out of the water.

la mas bonita tartas
Super Yummy Cakes. La Mas Bonita

Many of the photos of our Solamante market baskets and wickers have been taken at this bistro, and people who don't know of La Más Bonita still ask me if I went to Formentera to take them. Although I would like to go there, the truth is that there is no need. Even the smallest details in the La Mas Bonita has been carefully thought through and chosen (chairs, tables, cushions, towels, jars, teapots ... and so on .. and on). It is very difficult take any photo at the bistro and capture something that isn't beautiful. So every time I´m there I take lots and lots of photos, and let myself be seduced by the mesmerizing display. Hurray for the working days like this!

"La Más Bonita" patio, with Solamante Himalaya straw hangbag.

Find this model at Solamante

blue door and straw bag with laces

Solamante, Bolero Doble woven palm bag in "La Más Bonita". Find this model at Solamamnte Bolero Doble

solamante beach bag and turquoise door
The classical Mediterranean blue color
french market basket in the beach
Solamante straw beach bag, Arache

If you want to see more check out the La Mas Bonita Website.