Solamante straw bags and a Valencian version of Halloween

Happy Halloween from Solamante!!

If you are "folloween" me in Pinterest then you will know that I've been repinning some soft ideas for halloween. Since we live in Valencia (Spain) oranges are never hard to come by! Using oranges as pumpkins is a great idea (and much easier to do with my girls).

Original idea from pinterest

We filled them with smarties or strawberry jelly. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take any photos during the process to make a tutorial. If you are wondering why not, the answer is easy... Squeezed oranges + knifes + jelly powder + boiling water + smarties + daughters = Scary enough !

It was a really fun afternoon and we hope you like the end result.

imagen halloween ideas for children by solamante
imagen oranges in a straw bag

Happy Halloween!!

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