Take me to the ocean. Solamante straw bags in winter


Solamante knows all about nice weather, warm spring days and hot Spanish summers. Born in the Mediterranean, our straw bags love the beach and the heat, but they are also happy to give a festive touch to your look when you are in the city.

Elsa from the film Frozen

And we thought that our straw bags could stay like this one...

bikes, straw bag, woven bags

But no… winter also gives us an opportunity for vacations too, and it seems that our friends are taking the opportunity to travel to warmer places We are receiving orders asking for express deliveries because they need an Azure straw tote bag for their holidays! Our imagination is running riot with images like this...

vacation, beach, blue sea white sand

And this ...

beach biscuits decoration

And this...

relax at the sea
solamante woven palm leave tote basket bag
Solamante Azure Tote bag

And you? Are you dreaming about this too?

Enjoy the weather with SOLAMANTE!