Sorolla and the Mediterranean

23 February 2014

There were no special intentions when we took this photo, other than a nice day at one of our Valencian beaches, but when we shared this photo on our Solamante facebook page, lots of people compared the landscape and composition of our photo with some of the famous beach paintings by Sorolla.

solamante at valencian beach
And as if by was this possible..?
sorolla's beach painting.
Strolling along the seashore, 1909

On the same beach that he painted, a hundred of years ago, the color of the sand, the movement of the waves, and even the direction of the wind seems the same. It's wonderful how his brushes and his eye could be as accurate as my camera in catching the movement of the models.

Sorolla, the master of light, was born in Valencia in 1863, but he travelled widely and spent time in numerous other countries (France, England, America). During the summer of 1909, content with his already very successful career, he spent his holidays in Valencia and it was then that he produced some of his most important and well known works.

Take a breath and enjoy Sorolla's paintings, it's a great way to start the week. To find out more about Sorolla, visit the Museo del Prado web site