Solamante Pop Up Shop - Our first experience

10 April 2014

This new post is about our first experience in our own Pop Up Shop. Pop Up retail outlets, or whatever the correct name for them is, are an increasingly common type of shop. A lot of people visited us in person and many of you will have already seen the pictures that we were publishing on our Facebook page during the weeks that we were there. Which is why our intention in this post is to present some things that haven't been seen already, rather than just show you our nice new straw bags collection!

Solamante Pop Up Shop Calle de la Paz

As an online shop, we were very exited about the opportunity to open our own "physical stop" in the center of Valencia. We were really looking forward to being able to interact directly with our customers so that we could hear firsthand all of your impressions and feedback. One of our first challenges was working out how best to display all our straw bags and baskets. We didn't want to buy anything new especially for our stand, since as a brand and as a company we try to be as respectful as possible to our environment by applying the 3 R´s (reduce, reuse, recycle) to our products and to our daily lives, and we wanted to maintain those principals.

Solamante Pop Up Shop Busy

After some really fun but ultimately unsuccessful prototyping we decided to use wooden painter's steps. We already one set and we thought that it would be easy to find some more. Unfortunately, it seems that the lighter aluminum versions have all but replaced the heavy wooden ones and almost no one keep this "old fashioned" tool. We did the rounds of friends, painters, stone masons, farmers and cottages owners and despite all this effort we were able to find just a single ladder and some wooden stools..luckily these proved to be enough. Then We painted them with bright colors, apple green and sky blue and that meant FIRST GOAL ACHIEVED! We had a display that did our beautiful products justice but was also recycled and handmade.

Solamante Pop Up Shop Blue Steps

We also used a vintage old sea chest that we had at home, a modernist table that one of our mothers bought at a flea market years ago (which we love), and a couple of other things.

Miguel Guillem Romeu Mediterraneo

A picture by Miquel Guillem, a Valencian artist, was also incorporated into our display. It is a beautiful representation of Posidon (the God of the Sea) which we find extremely relaxing and very evocative of the mediterranean.

Solamante Pop Up Shop Swimmer Lady

We completed the stand with our lovely vintage swimmer...which we would like you to help us name, and by combining steps, stairs, tables and nails in the wall we were able to arrange all of our baskets and bags, of which there are now over 25 different designs.

It seems that having a deadline really helped inspire us and all the ideas and materials that we had been gathering took shape. Some of the models we created are limited edition exclusives as we only produced one or two units but if there is sufficient demand then we'll find a way to produce more ! We love every single one and it would seem that we are not alone, as each bag or basket has received a lot of compliments as we have published them on facebook, and for some of them we have only shown a single glimpse. Let us know what you think!

Solamante Pop Up Shop Display

The end result was a stand and some new products that we are very proud of and a very nice experience that we will definitely be repeating soon.