Keep your basket active this Autumn!

04 November 2014

Autumn is well and truly here. After a marvelous summer, during which we've been able to enjoy relaxing days at the beach with our Solamante baskets, we've all been back at work and into our rutines for a fair while now. The temperatures are dropping and the days are shortening.

We can see our Solamante bag hanging in the doorway, and although it calls to us, we're not really sure what to do with it. Like strawberrys with icecream it feels a little like we should only use it in the Summer.

Solamante Baskets Ciao

That's not true thought. We can assure you that you can use it all year round - hence this post and those that will follow. Here, you'll find a few ideas that we hope will help you keep you basket "active" through the colder, darket months while we are busy preparing next year's models.

The First Rule

It doesn't matter if you're not at the beach, your basket is equally at home in other more urban settings and with a bit more clothing. Don't just take our word for it here are some examples from all over the world.

Solamante Baskets Classic Style
Classic Style
Solamante Baskets out for a walk
Out for a walk
Solamante Baskets Doorway

The Second Rule

Our range of baskets are perfect for Sunday market shopping but don't limit yourself to buying just the essentials! Why not treat yourself to some flowers? Scientifically proven to produce feelings of happiness and contentment - as well as adding a touch of natural beauty to whichever spot you decide to put them in!

Solamante Baskets Street Market
Street Market
Solamante Baskets Flower Market
Flower Market

The Third Rule

Do you like to knit? Baskets are perfect for storing your wool and needles as you can see in this lovely picture from Shini at Parkandcube.

Solamante Baskets Wool and Needles
Wool and Needles

We hope that you've enjoyed this post (we'll be adding more on our inspiriations and ideas shortly) meanwhile remember that you can order any of our Solamante Baskets, at anytime of the day or night on our website 365 days of the year!