Placing an Order

We hope that you find the Solamante website a pleasure to use. If for some reason this is not the case please see the following steps which describe the process of placing an Order or get in touch so that we can help.

Add one or more products to the Shopping Basket

On the Solamante website, much like in a conventional high street shop, you have to add products to your Shopping Basket before you can take them to the checkout and pay for them. In order to add products to your Shopping Basket when you are browsing the products on the Solamante site and you arrive on the page of a product you can add it to your Shopping Basket by clicking on the big "Add to Basket" button.

Viewing the Shopping Basket

In the top right hand corner of the page you should see a shopping bag image with a number in the middleof it. This number is the number of items that you have currently in your Shopping Basket. You can view and edit the contents of the Shopping Basket by clicking on the shopping bag image in the top right hand corner of the page.

Checking Out

Once you are happy that the contents of the Shopping Basket are the products that you would like to purchase click on the "Checkout" button which will start the Solamante Secure Checkout Process.

Delivery and Billing Addresses

The first step of the Secure Checkout Process is to enter the email address that you would like us to use to send confirmation of your order and then to update you when your order has been dispatched. Then you should complete the rest of the Delivery Address details that we require to ship your order - at this point you can choose to use the same address as the Billing Address (should it be the same) or you can enter the details for a different address.

Delivery Options

Depending on the country that you have selected as part of the Delivery Address you will be presented with the Delivery Options that are available for that country. Within Europe we have do our best to provide both a cost efficient and then a faster option which you can chose if you would like to receive your order sooner. Currently we can only offer an Airmail service for countries that are located outside of the Europe.


Our Secure Payment Providers will allow you to pay with any widely accepted Credit Card (as outlined at the bottom of this page) or to use your PayPal account. Once you have entered your card details and the payment has been accepted we will show you a page that confirms the success of your payment and the contents of your order. If you experience any trouble while trying to make a payment please get in touch so that we can help.

Purchase Complete - Next Steps

After you have completed your purchase you will be sent an Order Confirmation email. This email will be sent to the email address that you supplied during the checkout process and will contain details of the contents of the Order as well as the Delivery Method that you chose and also the Delivery Address. For further information about what will happen next please see our Shipment and Delivery section.